5 Unit Apartment Complex

     1420 Ford Ave  Tarrant

Services Offered By Converge

 * Tuesday Nite Group  6:00-8:00p

  " Celebrate Your Freedom "  a support

    group for men and women who have

    been incarcerated. We help each other to

    make better decisions, Positive peer 

   pressure and accountability

 * Friday Nite Group 6:00-8:00p

   " Courageous Freedom "  a Life

     Transformation support group for those

     struggling with the bondage and life

     controlling issues.

                Events and Times

* Long Term Coaching.....a process oriented approach to reentry for up to 5 years.

* Case Management for partner programs and their participants who will become

  a part of CONVERGE upon release of a reentry program.

* Assistance for those released from incarceration who do not need a Residential

Program...but now need help with obtaining...ID's, applying for social services, support group, accountability, employment, etc.

* Training for churches, agencies, individuals, seeking to develop a long term

process orientated approach to RESTORE participants to their church, FAMILY, and


* Housing for the long term......by us partnering with other people/agencies, we

can help find housing for those being released from a program.